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      發布時間:2022-07-01 13:24:01 | 來源:中國網 | 作者: | 責任編輯:劉懌藝


      Livestreaming | A Glimpse of Peking Opera Culture – 2022“Happy Chinese New Year” Special Event


      To celebrate Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center presented a program named“A Glimpse of Peking Opera Culture – 2022‘Happy Chinese New Year’ Special Event”. Themed“Elegant Music with Stringed Instrument– Peking Opera Chinese Zither Concert”, the event enabled the audience to enjoy the enchanting appeal of Chinesezither in Peking Opera. At the event, Peking Opera artists shared stories about the connection between Spring Festival and Chinese zither.The audience could also enjoy a virtual trip of popular tourists attractions related to Peking Opera in Beijing. From an innovative perspective, it showcased the unique charm of Beijing’s cityscapes and Peking Opera, a national treasure of China, to the world. The program was broadcast via official media platforms in China and countries like Canada and Belgium during the 2022 Spring Festival.


      全球疫情之下,由北京市人民政府主辦,北京市文化和旅游局承辦,北京市海外文化交流中心精心制作的2022年線上芬蘭、愛沙尼亞、希臘、加拿大、比利時“歡樂春節”文藝盛典活動于1月30日起陸續在五國媒體亮相,并于2月2日18:00至19:00在北京時間、Visit Beijing等平臺進行國內的直播和推送。文藝盛典中極具中國風的武術、舞蹈、京劇、音樂表演精彩紛呈,北京風光、虎年冰雕、冰雪冬奧美不勝收。

      2022“Happy Chinese New Year” Online Art Events in Finland,Estonia, Greece, Canada, and Belgium

      In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the2022“Happy Chinese New Year”onlineartevents, sponsored by the municipal government of Beijing,organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and filmed by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center, debutedconsecutively on media platforms in Finland, Estonia, Greece, Canada, and Belgium sinceJanuary 30.At 18:00-19:00 (Beijing Time) on February 2, the events were livestreamed on domestic platforms like Visiting Beijing. The art events featured wonderful performances of Chinese martial arts, dances, music, and Peking Opera, the captivating landscapes of Beijing, ice sculptures for the Year of the Tiger, and ice and snow facilities for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.


      2022 Greece“Happy Chinese New Year” Online Art Gala


      2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China andGreece. The China-Greece Year of Culture and Tourism continues this year. The2022 Greece“Happy Chinese New Year”onlineartgala was organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and presented by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center.Chinese ambassador to Greece and Greek ambassador to China were invited to deliver a video address at the event, in which theyspoke highly of China-Greece friendship and gave Chinese New Year greetingsto the audience from both countries.LuoTong, an ambassador for China-Greece cultural exchange, and Greek photographerGeorge who has long lived in Beijing, toured Beijing together. During the trip, they focused their lens on the city’s streetscapes, folklores, 2022 Winter Olympics, China-Greece cultural exchanges, and other subjects from the angle of celebrating Chinese New Year. The eventenabled Greek audience to overcome geographical distance and language barriers to experience an orthodox Chinese New Year.


      During the 2021 Spring Festival, Beijing joined hands withHelsinki,Tallinn, Athens andDublin to carry out“Happy Chinese New Year” onlinecultural exchange events to celebrate Spring Festival and pray for a prosperous new year. The events involved a wide range of activities, including art performances related to Peking Opera, acrobatics, instrumental music, martial arts, and dances. During the events, foreign guests visited Beijing WTown. There, they watched ice carvings for the Year of the Ox, visited Shayan Kite Shop, and enjoyed an immersive tour of the Lantern Culture Museum. They also learned about the secrets behind Chinese Zodiac paper-cutting by talking about masters of this intangible cultural heritage.